Transforming Osteoporosis care
through intelligent software solutions.

Transforming Osteoporosis care
through intelligent software solutions.


Why your hospital needs Optasia


Vertebral Fragility Fractures
(VFFs) in the UK each year

> 0 %
of hip fracture patients had a
previous vertebral fracture
£ 0 bn
The annual cost of fragility
fractures to the UK
0 bn
Estimated national social care
cost following hip fractures
> 0 %
of vertebral fractures go

beds occupied in England by hip
fracture patients at any one time

A cloud-based artificial intelligence diagnostic service to aid radiologists
in vertebral fracture identification
in CT scans.

A cloud-based patient coordination software designed for Fracture Liaison Services and Fragility Fracture Clinics to optimise the treatment of Osteoporosis Care.

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To help bone health teams realise their potential.

Optasia Medical uses the latest advancements in AI technology and cloud-based computing to provide sophisticated osteoporosis identification support and care coordination solutions, aiding bone health teams in the diagnosis and treatment of vertebral fractures.

Optasia’s highly customisable and integrated software services have transformed the potential of Osteoporosis care by allowing for personalised patient care pathways, optimising Fracture Liaison Service treatment interventions through enhanced operational and administrative efficiencies.

Integrated diagnostic support services aids radiologists in the identification of potential osteoporotic patients, initiating onto the clinical care pathway through a common software interface.