World Osteoporosis Day

Optasia team put their back into World Osteoporosis Day!

Five members of a Manchester-based healthcare company literally put their back into marking World Osteoporosis Day on Tuesday, October 20th.

Wearing t-shirts printed with images of the spine, the team from Optasia Medical, the osteoporosis solutions company, walked 24 kilometres along the Monsall Trail between Buxton and Bakewell to help raise awareness of the disease which brings misery to millions of people every year.

“We are walking 24 kilometres because there are 24 vertebrae in the spine – and vertebral fractures, which often go undetected for years, are the early signs of osteoporosis which goes on to become such a debilitating illness”, said Lisa Provan, Head of Clinical Services and Business Development.

“WOD is a special day to help raise global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. In the UK, much of the focus is often on the cost to the NHS of patients not receiving treatment early enough because that runs into billions of pounds”, she added.

“But the real cost of patients not receiving early intervention is the pain, disability, falls, multiple serious fractures and sheer misery that living with osteoporosis brings. That is why we we did the walk, to bring attention to the plight of those patients”.

Joining Lisa was Alan Strong (Software Development Manager), Jonathan Roberts (Head of R&D and Machine Learning Development), and Rory Collier (Commercial Services and Development Assistant).

Meanwhile, company CEO Shawn Leutchens who was in the south of England on the day of the walk was not to be outdone and he completed his own 24km walk around leafy Richmond.